Our hectic and digital lives require more balancing than ever!

Holistic Skin Care and Health Management is essential. Proper nutrition, hydration and sleep helps digestion and Mind / Body balance.

Reclaiming quiet time and re-energizing your spirit improves your outlook.

When you feel better-you look better too!

However, chronic stress does cause acne, irritation and premature wrinkles.

Thankfully there are Aesthetic Solutions aimed at reversing some of this damage!

(as mentioned in Elle issue June 2018)

Some of Our Wonderful Corrective Treatments are below:

Anti- Fatigue & Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment
to diminish dark circles and encourage circulation. This can be combined with any Facial Treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Facials
which are amazing at moving fluid out of your tissues. This is a wonderful and relaxing Facial Treatment. Your complexion will appear clearer and feel firmer and more radiant. This is excellent for your circulation and immunity system.

 Infra-Red Lamp Treatments
can be included if appropriate, to soothe and heal and promote circulation of the face/hands/joints. Relaxing Hand Massage is done to complement this healing therapy.

Ultrasound Facial Treatment
works on different skin issues using a variety of serums such as Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. A very relaxing Facial Massage and a variety of European Modelling Masks reveal a glowing complexion. Your skin will feel rested and plumped.

Biocellulose Restorative Mask Treatment
forms a second skin on your face. It works on making your skin plumper, more radiant and decreases fine lines and fatigue from your face. A glowing, more toned complexion is apparent and remains for days. This Mask has anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Our Treatments will Calm and Soothe Your Spirit and Reduce Stress Aging.

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